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5 Minutes With... Henrietta Rix - Rixo London

Our designs are heavily influenced buy our favourite icons and special vintage pieces we have in our wardrobe. We are complete hunters and spend endless hours at flea markets when away, vintage fairs, antiques auctions, charity shops... anywhere where we feel we can find a hidden gem you will find us. We are both the same and love anything old and interesting. We are pretty obsessed with Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwelll - there prints are genius! So if we could be compared to a modern day Celia we would be very happy girls 🙂 

We both met at university, we both studied at London College of Fashion together and hit it off straight away - we have such similar mind sets in the way we want to build RIXO and also in our design overview its a little scary. Where there is a will there is a way and we are both two girls on a mission working from home, painting all our own prints in our living room trying to turn our dream into a reality! We are pleased with how the brand has exploded since we started but we are our bardes critical and never fully happy... there is always more improvement and we have soooo many ideas in the way we want to develop RIXO. 

AW16 is all inspired by gypsies... It'll be called Caravan Couture. We are fascinated by old gypsy painted caravans and tarot cards so we have drawn a lot of inspiration from this. 

So hard we have so many but we always go back to the Olsen twins... the get it right all the time.

Lots of exciting plans coming up and a few collaborations but nothing that we can share as of yet... watch this space. 🙂